Festiva Madness

​Festiva Madness XVI, Return of the Chaos 2022

Location :705 Retail Way, Louisburg, NC 27549 Walmart parking lot 

Saturday October 2 2021 10am till 1pm! Awards at HIgh Noon!

All those driving a Festiva, an Aspire, or a Capri will get a free T Shirt, for the driver only!

There is a sign up sheet available here


Please only sign up at the link above, please and thank you. Not everyone is a member of fordfestiva.com and those who are not can sign up on the link provided .

When you do sign up, please note if you would like to be added to a spreadsheet for planning on bringing side items to either of the BBQ. This is not required! We will provide sides but the more the merrier. BBQ will be burger and dogs style, maybe some chicken. We can throw anything on the grill you bring. This will also be used to plan clean up crews etc

When you arrive, find the sign up table ASAP, we will have your car number, ordered T Shirts and information fliers available.

Weekend Festivaties also as usual! Early arrivals welcomed as soon as Thursday afternoon. Plenty of room for tent or RV camping. Not much space for indoor sleeping however. The front cleared field is a few acres. A turn around lane will be available for towing vehicles and RVs.

Madness Central is now located at 3990 NC 58 Hwy Louisburg NC 27549-8091

Itenary: Friday, about 5PM, we will light the grill and begin cooking meat! Bringing sides is NOT required but is more than welcome! The Madness committee is providing the food, but the drinks are on attendees. There will be clowning, running around, wrenching and more. Quiet hours start at 11PM as mandated by county ordinance and respect for our neighbors.

Saturday morning, wake up and attend the meet! Breakfast and lunch is up to attendees. We suggest Sunrise biscuits for breakfast, and lunch at Zaxbys. Other options are available. There will be a discount for Madness attendees at Zaxbys.

The meet starts at 10AM, but early arrival is fine. We will fill as much of the parking lot as we can! MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN ASAP! This is when you will be given a number for your car, and the T-shirts you signed up for. Anyone that physically drives a Festiva to the meet receives a free shirt. There is a sign up list to register in advance to make sure a shirt is ready in your size. You can also order extras for $15 each.

Then it is time to mingle, look at cars and find out which ones you wish to vote for. At noon, we will hand out awards.We will be giving away trophies as usual. Votes for Fan Favorite and Best Beater are $1 per vote, with proceeds being donated to the American Heart Association. Other trophies will be given for farthest traveled, lowest mileage, highest mileage, earliest build date, and a bad luck award for the person who had the hardest time making it to the meet. Other Madness swag including older shirts from previous meets will be on sale. We will also have gift certificates for Sheetz, Oreillys, Walmart and possibly others to give away or perhaps raffle.

At One PM, time to parade back to Madness Central! Last year was an incredible ride! We will do the same this year! Once on 561 it is about 12 miles of 2 lane country road to Hwy 58, no lights, no stop signs the entire way! This is our time to shine in Louisburg all the way to Centerville(location of Madness Central.) Everyone will gather on the corner of 401 and 561 at Rustic Building supply. It is a large parking lot and they are closed on Saturdays. 85 NC-561, Louisburg, NC 27549

Once all are gathered, one person will stop at the run and allow everyone out to cruise up 561 in a row. We have just submitted a police escort to do this, but last year was perfect without it. 

Back at Madness Central, there will be more hanging out, playing with cars, another BBQ for dinner, and all the usual Shenanigans. Again, quiet hours start at 11PM. We don’t have to stop congregating, but this will be when we don’t want to blast music, rev loud engines, and so on.

Sunday morning will be a buffet style breakfast, southern style. Expect pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy etc Then it is time to pack your things and head on home, with another year's great memories in your head and a glow in your heart!

The front acres of Kobayashi Maru Farms (Festy Farm) will be open to all. We will be in full Madness mode and will start accepting early-bird arrivals starting Thursday September 30th

There are several hotels and motels near the farm as well as several Air B and B's. 

The house will be open to any that need to use the bathroom or get something to eat in the middle of the night or crash anywhere they can find a free spot.

We are looking for a new photographer to be on site taking pictures during the event, but you are welcome to take pics yourself and share those on social media too! The sign up sheet has a place to fill out to add to the official album as well.

Things to bring with you:

Folding chairs (Or you’ll be standing all weekend!)

Skeeter spray

Sunscreen (prepare for all weather types)

Camping gear if you are not staying in a hotel (tent, sleeping bag, etc)

Snacks, water, coolers -Remember, we will be at the farm! Open fields with bright sunshine, bring lots of water!


We will be regularly updating the Festiva Madness website and Facebook page with itinerary and location changes(if any) etc. In particular, we are searching for a rain location. Before you head out, double and triple check those places for any updates to information. There will be driving directions, updated information, phone numbers etc. Also an updated list of awards.



We are also opening the meet up to the Mercury Capri guys and girls! Tell your friends in those communities about it!

We are ALSO expecting some members of the Triangle RAD group to come out and show us some love! They are sure to bring some cool cars and are also welcome to hang out the weekend! Here is a link to their page:


This has the potential to be one of the Maddest of all Festiva Madnesses!!!

We look forward to seeing everybody! Now people, please go get your cars ready… you have a meet to experience, and awards to win!

If you have any questions feel free to message the madness page and we will get with you ASAP. You can also Email Festivamadness@gmal.com

OK. Now to the finer details.

Google Maps shows where we are. There will be PLENTY of signs. You won’t miss it. Satellite view is fairly up to date. Street view is older, by years. There will be pics up in a few days on the Festiva Madness website. We have a large field that drains well. Lots of grass. Plenty of space for parking along the side of the driveway.

JUST IN CASE anyone does manage to get stuck, we do have a 4wd F150 with a winch. We also have an older F350 tow truck with a Holmes wrecker body and winch. They should not be needed but they are available. The F150 also has a 16 foot trailer it pulls and is the official Madness support vehicle. It can make close by tow calls easily.

The septic drain field will be cordoned off from parking. Please don’t drive through the cordon, but walking is fine. You would never know it was there otherwise.

Dogs and children are welcome! We have three small dogs here, and they have a fenced in backyard. Please remember they are not allowed to roam free outside the house. Three cats as well. All indoor animals. Never let one outside!

Alcohol should be low key and consumed in moderation. We have some members that abstain, and they should be respected for that.

The home is only a single wide trailer. There are already a couple of RVs parked here, plenty of room for more. We may have a couple of porta potties. There is a bathroom and shower inside available as you can manage. Hot water is unlimited, heated on demand. Anyone can use it.

Covids effects on lumber prices and other construction items have delayed breaking ground for a shop. We have a covered carport for repairs if need be. There is a generator, a couple of small air compressors and plenty of tools. Lights. If it is wrenching you are after, you are welcome to have at it! No projects are planned though, and we are discouraging any plans for major projects. 

The section of the road to the back side is pretty rough. A Festiva can easily make it with just a little care, but lowered cars would have an issue. The front section will have fresh gravel and be carefully leveled with lowered cars in mind. Parking on each side of the driveway should be no problem for anyone.

It is about 15 miles to Louisburg proper from the farm. We have a dollar general and a couple of small gas stations close by. They close early. The Oreillys in town is going to have some Festiva parts ordered in for breakdowns. Brake pads, bearings, tie rod ends, water pumps, belts. Common stuff. We have a commercial account with them, check with us for your discount over the weekend. If you need to have something on hand and know about it ahead of time, contact us and we can arrange it. There are all the other parts stores as well in town.

The front field will have had a light dusting of pesticides to control ticks and mosquitoes. That said, you are going to be outdoors if you are camping here. Make sure to have a care for tick checks etc. Part of the front field has been clear for a few years and has healthy grass and other short trimmed vegetation. Part is being cleared now and will be clear for the meet. It will be rougher, have more sticks and debris in it. It should be easy to spot the difference. Paul is working hard at clearing the field almost daily, clearing large branches etc, but it isn’t exactly like your well kept front lawn. There are small divots, ant mounds etc to beware of that you could trip on while running.

For hotels. We are trying to arrange a discount. Use your google Fu. Last year we recommended Days Inn and they started renovations. We will check in on them as the meet approaches.